the story of Lili


During a hot and dusty summer, in a sweaty night in the bright-lighted mirrored toilet of sin city in Sofia, Lili was born. She came to life as the awareness of comparison between lookalikes and decided soon to manifest her beliefs in several random actions. During her childhood she struggled to become a regular female stereotype and had to face harsh criticism on her female identity construction. Being questioned as a role-model she tried to find ways to confront her audience with their own belief-systems. As a child of the popfolk-culture in bulgaria, she understood that fiction is reality and celebrated emptiness as a potential to be filled. She became a vessel for transformation into hyper-femininity. During this period she discovered that the path into this transformation was the actual goal. Knowing the power of the mask, she became a symbol to confront her audience with their own inherited cultural stereotypes of self-representation and feminine identity.

Lili performed a.o. at Viva la Mittwoch, by Christian Weise, Schauspiel Stuttgart, during Operative Perfomances at HBC Berlin and in collaboration with Voin de Voin and Andrew Fremont-Smith during funeral charade of poses: ein Abend mit Freundinnen und Basso, Hebbel am Ufer 1, Berlin.