Lilification Zsenne 2013
»a healing help center«

We will provide our services for you. Healing is a process of confrontation. Help is dedication. Fake reinvents reality.
It lies in the preceding expectations of the beholder what is perceived as real and what as fake. The problem is not to perceive real as real and fake as fake but to apply to them a hierarchical positioning. Something can only be really real by the existence of its fake counterpart. By understanding and experiencing opposites as multiple perspectives instead of a dualistic stubbornness we can detach ourselves from limiting concepts and access the full spectrum of creation. 

with Voin de Voin, David Chavez, Veridiana Zurita
Costumes by Julia Heuer

Magic Boxes a.pass 2013

The magic box is a space of transformation: where the audience can become some-one or something else, change the importance of being into an importance of becoming and feel liberated from their always contextualized identity. These spaces become activated by the audience via tools and instructions. In this one-on-one experience the audience can discover questions and obstacles on their own.

READ MORE — Interview by Elke van Campenhout

Darting in and out and digging into Kamer XIII 2015

What is it that we don’t see? What is the image behind the image?
We are outside, what happens inside?

During 4 days the invisible image was explored with one participant through external/visible stimulation. Each day another aspect of visibility and representation was investigated. Through changing their outer appearance, undergoing a journey of transformations, make-overs, and following improvised scores, they researched on the relation of their image and their sense/logic/language production. Through an invisible performance, an audio testimony and installation the new images revealed themselves to the audience.

»We are all chimeras, theorized and fabricated« 
Donna Haraway, 'the cyborg manifesto'