How are image and language related?

If we depart from the thought that reality as each of us perceive it, is created through this perception, we realize the importance of our perspective. Perspective is deeply embedded in our psyche, which decides how we perceive ourselves and through that reality. So, if we change this perspective, our own departure point, does also the way we perceive reality change? In what way does the material world that surrounds us, architecture, furniture, clothes, the image of our surroundings, influence the way we perceive ourselves and therefore the world?

If I am are what I read
if I describe/speak my reality
can I re-describe it?

The tarot is an ancient technique to 'think' in images, to create a map of an inner world in the outside in the form of images and to read images as text. In the Lili-tarot images with the 'Lili-aesthetic' ('stereotypes are becoming archetypes') without inherent meaning were used as a tarot, to find out what associations this certain aesthetic evokes.

The Lilifesto was created to explain the concept 'Lili': the mode of becoming, of being in-between paradoxes. A provocative version was sent to several people, who re-formulated it. The result is a 'manyfesto'.

The text-fragments from different transformation sessions using the image-oracle or objects and costumes re-describe new images of 'what we are'.

The image-oracle are random images selected throughout a year from magazines and books glued on colored carton. It can be used to help for visualization of any kind of thought/concept.

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