Jellyfish, space-age-apartment, artistic nudity, space station
Some words about feelings and text by Helena Dietrich and Godart Bakkers
created with the 'image-oracle'

My feelings represent where we came from, what was before us and what will be after us. They are what’s in-between. My feelings are discovering the rest of the world, or even what is outside this world. The desire to explore.

The feeling that you have is being restricted or tempered by cultivation. In the end it’s slowing down, specially if you know it will end where my feelings are. All this effort we put into it, it’s a very strange contradiction.

The obvious is, that you have a woman and I have the male and it obviously looks like the text is having sex… there is this big desire to bring something together and to make something out of what we bring together.

Can we create one text out of these two feelings? If we would make it a story, with a beginning and an end, if we really are going to use it as a text as a phrase or a page in a book…

The woman in the text, came from the jelly fish to whom she still has a connection, she still wants it, she wants to grab it. The water around the jellyfish changed into a blue wall and she is not swimming anymore but confronted with a hard surface. She is not floating and she is naked, she feels the surface of the wall with her whole body and she tries to feel it with every part of her skin. She presses her whole body against it; it’s about exploration… A pair of hands explore her body, and maybe a wall is outside of the feeling that I bring in to this text. She has red nail polish, she is the woman that lives in a red house. Inside the house is red and outside it’s blue. Red being the color of action, being active and blue the color of receptivity. The outside is absorbing everything that is coming from outside and the woman is absorbing that with her skin. The blue comes back in the space station; It is this text, it’s again another surface and we’re wondering what is inside, is the jellyfish inside? It’s a possibility that the jellyfish comes back in the water but we don’t know. There is something about the surface and the reflection in the water that doesn’t allow us to look deeper. It is a little bit mysterious. Then we see a very organized nature, a very humanized, cultivated nature. We see the land of this text with a house inside. The essence of this text gave birth to the woman that lives in the house. There is an outside of the house and then we finally see the world of this text, the space station, a base where the woman can be standing against a wall. She wants to go to space; she wants to get up, being shot to space, as a sexual metaphor with the rocket as a phallus. An explosion or excavation, a search for space…

Except for the jellyfish, with his ‘free floating’, there are always very strong decisions. This is the outcome of this decision and this is the outcome of that. And maybe that is where the jellyfish comes in; this ‘not knowing where I’m going’ subject. And besides that you have all these very conscious surroundings where everybody decided what to do. The woman and the room are very clearly posing strategicly and very conscious; and this text is the same. We decide this but we leave it open as well, to control it again in the end by deciding where to put what. 

I have to think of the structure of a jellyfish, a materiality that you can push. I don’t know if it’s the same for you, but I think everybody once ripped a jellyfish apart.

Put a stick in the jellyfish.

But what does this mean for this text? That you want to touch it, or put a stick in it? Grab it?

It’s more about the feeling of the structure. A jellyfish is just hanging around, not going somewhere and it’s easily ripped apart without any feelings. You just put your feet on it and rip it apart. At the other hand we see this structure that will bend, but wouldn’t brake, there is only tension, no evil hands. More an exploration.

What is this text, is it the whole image? Is it here? Maybe this text is also leaning against the wall. There is something, about this text that is in the back, or in the ass.

I feel more, that this text is a woman, who really wants to be grabbed. I feel this text wants to be grabbed, taken. And it is surrendering as well. This text is not making decisions; it wants to be taken and moved around. In the end it wants to be held close. But it doesn’t have anything to do with love.

So this is how it would come together. So what is this text then?

This text is a naked woman standing against the wall. There is lust, you don’t feel any resistance, it is surrendering… It also feels helpless. It is in extasy, you feel sensation. And the hands on its ass try to open or close it. Or they are pulling it towards them. Just two hands that hold it.

Maybe that is what this text wants, being held.

If we look for the difference, if I have to define my feelings towards this text, my text, it’s really timeless, and if I see your text it’s a sort of periodical and defined time.

What does that mean for you, concretely?

I always had this idea that I would like to invite people to come for the weekend, to enter in another world for a period of time. You would be welcomed with a whole range of pills and stuff, with rituals, clothes, different rooms and activities, a whole trip.

And so this text is an invitation to hang out here, in an intimate and passionate way. People have to spend time to see the passion that I have towards this text. It takes time, but if you start hanging out you will forget time and maybe enjoy yourself, it’s about playing.

Would you add or change something in your feelings towards this text?

I'm not sure what Bob Dylan is doing here. And I would change the posters, I wouldn’t hang them like this, I find it a bit kitschy.

So there is some kitsch in this text?

Yeah, but I like the wallpaper. And I really like the furniture of this text.

Imagine you would live in this text, try to go there with your inner eye.

It’s a cocoon feeling, there are no windows, it’s an own world and the contact with the outside world is only through the friends I invite to hangout here. This text is a fascinating free floating creature, that’s able to stitch.

I’m curious about your feelings towards this text.
We’ll see what this text will be.